We help Startup’s at every stage by building

We love partnering with businesses that are hungry to scaleup and are ready for rapid growth experiments.

Growth Hacking for Startup's

Our Expertise

We offer 360-degree growth hacking solutions for Start-up’s

Growth Hacking for B2B

B2B growth hacking involves rapid growth experimentation across marketing funnels to grow your business.

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Growth Hacking for B2C

A comprehensive growth strategy that includes customer retention, creating referrals or word-of-mouth advertisements.

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Growth Hacking for SaaS

We eliminate time-consuming and redundant growth strategies, and deploy the fastest ways to accelerate your growth.

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Our Services

We are a talented team that runs remarkably successful growth hacking services in the most competitive sectors, using a unique blend of technical and creative expertise


We deploy proven strategies that have helped many brands claim the top of search results. We know how to drive qualified traffic and keep your CAC low in the long-term.


Having managed many projects in ad spend we will not only optimize your ROA but also save thousands of dollars on your campaigns.

Ad campaigns

Ads management across FB, LinkedIn and others major social networks. We specialize in running micro ads campaigns that are highly effective for SMEs and startups.

Email marketing

With our proprietary personalization technology, we are able to provide a 280% lift in the conversion. A solution that ties into your email campaigns.


We drive long term growth for the brands. We combine purpose-driven storytelling and data-driven strategies to help you enhance brand recall and maximize your MROI.

Content marketing

From Keyword research to content creation, we have grown audiences exponentially and have the results to back it up. Lower your CPA with our content marketing campaigns.

Referral & Viral marketing

We leverage on proven and measurable strategies to make brands go viral with bespoke campaigns employing cutting-edge tactics and flawless executions.

Growthmk Intersection of Marketing & Technology

We're at the sweet spot between Marketing and Technology

Being marketing and tech aficionados, we deploy the best of both worlds to give your business the outreach it deserves. We are a vibrant and success-hungry team of

  • Brand Storytellers
  • Growth Hackers
  • Copywriters
  • Strategists
  • Digital Marketers

Packed in one powerful team, confident of growing your business.

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Our Growth Hacking Manifesto

‘’ We discover different ways of creating value for our customers through new approaches and full-funnel execution ‘’

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GrowthMk growth hacking manifesto

Our Packages

Marketing leaders and consultants could be an advantage if your company needs the required expertise to succeed in the current fast-paced business environment.

Marketing Leadership

Sometimes, all that's missing in a good team is a great leader. Have an in-house team of marketers? Let us provide the strategy and direction through a Chief Marketing Officer. Targeted strategy, and targeted results.

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Full Implementation

Would you rather have a team of experts handle your growth and marketing for you? GrowthMK provides just that! Outsource your goals to us, and watch us achieve them for you!

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Complete Audit

Confused about where to even begin your marketing efforts? Let us handle it! We provide complete audit services to help figure out what you can do next for your growth.

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Easiest way to hack growth

Easiest way to hack growth - Growth MK your destination

  • No recruiting internal teams + monitoring them.
  • Grow even before you get funded.
  • Pay just 40% of what you would to maintain your internal marketing team.
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