Growth Hacking for SaaS

Eliminate confusion, find your ideal customers.

Grow your business in the most efficient way. We eliminate time-consuming and redundant growth strategies, and deploy the fastest ways to accelerate your growth.

Our Services for SaaS segment

Product Market Fit

Your customers take your growth forward.

Our GrowthMK Product-market fit will help the SaaS companies to understand if they are solving a real problem that a large market has. It helps you prioritize and decide which functionalities are necessary and good to have. Our growth strategists and technologist help you in the product roadmap also.

Target Audience & User Persona

Create a persona that's memorable, watch your growth multiply.

Identifying Target audience for your business is half the work done. An ideal user persona is a “fictional” representation of your customer. With Growth MK Framework you be able create the perfect AD SET correctly, it leverages results that save both time and money.

Lead Generation For Demo Requests

Automate the sales process, generate leads that will actually convert.

With Marketing Automation we can reduce the cold pitching time, effort and money. We reach out to the target audience for whom the SaaS product is going to solve there daily operational or strategical problems. With Growth Framework you will be able to get qualified leads, having better sales conversations and Pipeline growing. Most importantly, you're closing more deals.

Linkedin Social Management - Social Posts

Create a Community and Engage posts with them

GrowthMk enables the SaaS business to engage with the right audience of their product by drafting the perfect content pillars. Creating a community and engaging with them is going to understand the feedback about your product and in turn they will be a word of mouth to us. Providing value to your customers, and get value back in terms of sales is the key.

Linkedin Ad Campaigns

Ace your marketing goals with GrowthMK Ad Campaigns framework on LinkedIn.

GrowthMK Ad campaigns on LinkedIn are laser focused targeted to only your target audience. We would enable you to cross selling of your plans, convert your freemium customers to upgrade with our bunch of tactics. Trial to paid is a critical NorthStar metric to be tracked.

Email Marketing

Automate the process to increase the Profitable customers in.

GrowthMk would help you in creating the right email content to dismiss email marketing as spam. When done effectively with the right content like products updates and benefits email marketing can get you your most loyal customer base who love to engage with your overall product, beyond just your product or service they would be Word of Mouth to your product also.


Search Algorithms is a black box until you create a systematic plan to approach.

Search algorithms are tricky, but not un-tappable! GrowthMK SEO Marketing tactics helps put your product Infront of your target audience and drive new customers to you every single day.


PPC advertising is one of the tactics to gain higher visibility on search engines during promotions or festive seasons.

Our PPC Experts will help you in advertising in the most effective online marketing tactics to gain higher visibility on search engines. Our Experts will give you control on how much you spend for great results.


Engage with your most loyal customers. Convert business effortlessly.

Ad campaigns and social media posts might not be the most ideal spaces to tell customers about your brand story. Here's where our experts help you in crafting the Newsletters. Newsletter marketing is the easiest, and most interactive way of engaging with your loyal customers.

Go-to Market Strategy

Achieve competitive advantage with GrowthMk framework.

Our experts will help map out the necessary steps to succeed in a new market or with a new customer in a go to market strategy. It's comprehensive, yet dynamic enough as per new customers' feedback.

Hyper-growth businesses need a data-driven vision and an all-encompassing game plan. That’s what we are here for. We partner with you to set the roadmap and then get to work experimenting with a variety of different tactics based on your goals.

Growth Hacking Service 
                        for SaaS

Purpose of Growth Hacking Service for SaaS

Our growth strategists make your marketing funnel measurable, repeatable and scalable!. SaaS Business market size has become overstaturated. We help you in crafting your niche segment and GTM Strategy. .Our high-velocity experimentation approach helps our partner SaaS brands rapidly scale for less.

  • Ideal Customer Persona journey tracker you will be able achieve sustainable growth with minimal Ad Spend.
  • Maximize Revenue at Every Stage of the Funnel
  • Prioritize the growth ideas with A/B testing for better ROI.
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